Friday Fuckery: Tiger Mother the Movie?

Just in case you didn’t get enough of Amy Chua’s self-promoting, smug, stereotype-confirming fuckery, you might be treated to Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother on the big screen. And who’s behind this loathsome scheme? Why, the same folks who brought us that progressive gem The Joy Luck Club! Of course.

From the Hollywood Reporter article:

The most recent big screen adaptation of a book touching on themes of mother-daughter relationships among Chinese-Americans is 1989’s The Joy Luck Club ($33 million domestic gross). Two of the film’s producers interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter have expressed a strong interest in seeing Chua’s book brought to the screen.

Ron Bass co-wrote the Joy Luck Club screenplay with the book’s author, Amy Tan, and co-produced the movie...”Not only is there a movie here, I definitely think it’s more than one movie.”

Fellow producer Patrick Markey believes Chua’s work “absolutely has potential” for a movie.

“There’s some radical stuff here,” Markey says. “To think of treating children like this. Those kids are going to be in therapy their entire lives. It may not be a glowing portrayal of motherhood and raising kids,” he adds. “But there’s certainly a hell of a lot of controversy right now.”

Looks like Chua is continuing to pave the way to notoriety & gobs of cash at the expense of the Chinese and Asian American community. Just check out some of the incensed and/or racist comments under the “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” WSJ article…Chua certainly has done our image no favors.

Is Amy Chua the next Amy Tan? I was hoping there would be no “next” — but unfortunately (to quote Steve Harvey) white people are always running to jump on some bullshit.

However, the article ends with: While the national controversy is a plus for the screen possibilities, the agent adds that one prohibiting factor is the marketability of an Asian-American lead actress.

Aiya, there’s the rub.

Even if that actress doesn't uncross her arms for the entire movie? Impressive!

Full Hollywood Reporter article here
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