Jubilee Project: It Ain’t About Your Favorite Member of X-Men

Cause I know your mind went there. The Jubilee Project is actually a group of three dudes — Eric Lu, Jason Lee & Eddie Lee  —  that decided to make videos for a good cause after the Haiti Earthquake.

JP just released their January fundraising video called “50 people, 1 Question” (it’s nothing like 2 Girls, 1 Cup, pervert) in support of Services for the UnderServed (SUS), an organization that provides services for the neglected and needy, including helping individuals and families faced with challenges such as mental illness, physical and developmental disability, AIDS, homelessness, unemployment and poverty.

There’s two ways you can support SUS through Project Jubilee:

1. Sign up to become a sponsor of the video “50 People, 1 Question” by emailing project(dot)jubilee(at)gmail(dot)com. Sponsors can pledge to donate at least 1 penny per view for the month of January. So if the video is watched a hundred times in the month, sponsors will each donate 1 dollar, and so forth. Sponsors may choose to put a cap on how much they donate.

2. By simply watching the video people are helping to generate funds for SUS. Each time the video is watched, a certain amount of money will be donated, depending on how many sponsors the video gets.

Although, one thing about the “50 People, 1 Question” video is confusing to me (spoiler alert). Why are people having such a hard time thinking of regrets? I feel like I create a new regret/bad life choice every other day. If you caught me for a man on the street moment on a Saturday or Sunday (or lets face it, Tuesday) I probably would have said the bottle of cheap wine I chugged last nite. Hey-ohhh! Seriously, some people aren’t wearing their honesty rings here. KIDDING! Anyhoo, this video is for a good cause, so watch and be inspired to count your blessings, not your regrets.

Thanks AZN!

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