Win Two Free Passes to BANANA 2

Free stuff time! BCB is giving away two free passes to our readers for the February 26th BANANA 2 conference (yes, we know not everyone will be a fan of the name) of Asian Pacific Islander American bloggers at CBS Studios in Los Angeles (regular admission is $20)!

Cbruhs will also be moderating theFixated: Topic-specific Blogging” panel, so here’s your chance to see if she can string a coherent sentence together and make fun of her haircut in person. AZNHeartthrob will also be there, kickin’ it by the cheese table and being all heartthrobby and stuff. More info on the gathering here.

To enter, go to, select Bicoastal Bitchin from the menu, and submit your name and contact information. Passes areĀ  for conference admission only and do not include travel or lodging. Entry deadline is January 25.

Connect with BANANA 2 on Facebook and Twitter at and at

Thanks Keith!

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