Stream Kathy Uyen on Netflix

When Kathy Uyen’s not slapping Barney on HIMYM, she’s helping AzN get his friends into clubs in Saigon cause they think they can go anywhere with cargo shorts cause they’re obnoxious Americans buying bottles in a third world country. Now you too can experience the lovely Kathy Uyen since her films are now on Netflix, streaming no-less.

One is a Vietnamese rom-com, subtitled for your pleasure: Passport to Love and the other looks like a forgettable straight to DVD comedy (BUT the cover has boobs, so you can decide for yourself). There’s also Asian Stories available on DVD, but the 2.5 stars don’t make me too excited to add. Either way, stream your heart out cause its free and check out my favorite of her films yet, starring the legendary Dustin Nguyen, Fool for Love. Just ignore the overly charged GayAsian that can easily upset anyone with more than one eye.


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