Model Minority: Godfrey Tsao

Good Gawd, Godfrey! You could open a can of peaches with them cheekbones.

Vancouver-based model minority Godfrey Tsao’s interests include: basketball, American football, volleyball, baseball, ice skating, track and field, Tae Kwon Do, DJing, playing the drums, and making your pants feel tight. Film and TV credits include: Star-gate SG-1and  Still Life. And he’s a Virgo with blood type O (Google says: you’re welcome).

Also, Godfrey’s facebook page says: “Prada is raunchy”. I don’t know what that means (what in the hail is a Prada?) — but anyone who still includes the word “raunchy” in their everyday lexicon gets a gold star in my dance card.

Gee, come to think of it, Vancouver’s only a short 3 hour drive from Seattle! Time to fill up the gas tank, put on a pair of ice skates and an adult diaper, and head for the border.

UPDATE: Godfrey has also been chosen as the spokesmodel for Louis Vitton’s spring menswear collection. And the designer’s first Asian face. Woot!

Thanks AzN & Char Char!

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