Friday Fuckery: Asians Sleeping in the Library

Although I adore libraries, personally I could never sleep in one due to my excessive fear of public-space-germs and that vague but ubiquitous Eau de Must.

But someone (a self-described “handsome Jew”) thought it would be a good idea to start a tumblr site devoted to well, Asians Sleeping in the Library (which reminds me of another site, Sleeping Chinese — started by some German dude, who surprise! — got a book deal).

With the header “They’re better at life and they get better grades than you for a reason“, the site is “Meant to celebrate, not berate, the hardest workers at our universities…”.

Asians Sleeping in Libraries has gained popularity quickly, with attention from HuffPo, 36 pages of posts, and over 500 pictures since its creation in early December.

It’s nice to see my U-Dub as well as NYU (Bobst) alma maters represented. More power (naps) to ya.

Thanks ePanda!

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