Heng Song Cuts the Shit

I am a gal that appreciates a good ol’ fashioned, efficient haircut. Especially from old skool grumpy New York barbers and those Chinatown joints, because although they may throw in a punishing head scrub,  they lack all that frou-frou and pomp & circumstance of your typical mall or Soho salon. I’ll even wait to get a haircut until I make trips back East, so loyal am I to their straight-forward shear skills.

Above all, they are No-Bullshit. They are there to chop and fade your mop to your satisfaction and/or according to their grizzled barberly discretion. Not to fetch you a cup of tea or ask you about your Corgi or try and sell you some lavender-scented $55 jar of sculpting wax. And this single-mined, no-nonsense philosophy is demonstrated beautifully by this video:

Heng Song, a barber in Anchorage Alaska, was doing his damn thang when he was rudely interrupted by an SUV crashing through his shop. Heng took a moment to collect himself and assess the situation. Cussed out the driver. Had a customer call the po-po. And then told his client to sit his ass back down so he could finish the job. Dude is unflappable. Now that, my friends, is professionalism…and I’m willing to bet a damn fine haircut. Maybe I’ll make a trip to Anchorage next time I need a trim.

via Dlisted

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