Friday Fuckery: Conan O’Brien Hearts Jeggings

Jeggings! Treggings!! Pleggings!!! I’ve been trying to tell people near and far, that Jeggings (jeans+leggings — or, honestly, leggings printed to look approximately like jeans/trousers/pleather)…are now for the menfolk too! Especially since they are Tim Gunn-endorsed; and also a little bird (my roommate Char Char) whispered to me that the Uniqlo New York store recently introduced them.

Strut them stems

Unfortunately, this helpful fashion FYI is oft met with confusion, dismissal, or disgust, if the person can even process what “Jeggings” are, and WHY. Really, people, Jeggings are just the superior cousin of Mantyhose (which BCB covered in January 2009).

Well, now that Irish Conan himself has been indoctrinated into the man/guy-Jeggings (Meggins? Geggings? Majeggings?) school of thought, hopefully legions of others will soon follow suit.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And he look damn good! I especially appreciate his fashion choice of highly pre-distressed, acid-wash Jeggings.

Jeggings: now for mens, bitches. And they’re suuuuper comfy! Plus, now we can see your basket’ n’ booty better. Everyone wins, especially gender equity.

Now if only Asian Conan would pull on a pair.

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