Sugar High From MiKandi

Helllll yeah! That 206 crew, make your Androids light up!

My buds in Seattle — Jennifer, Jesse, and Tim — have recently launched MiKandi, “the world’s first mobile adult app store” for Android phone users. Apple has banned “adult-only content” from the iPhone app store, but the MiKandi folks are also working on making their porny apps available to iPhone users.

MiKandi brings you popular apps such as — uh, “Jiggle Tits” and “The Ultimate Strip Club List”, and they’ve already received attention from HuffPo, Gizmodo, and dozens of other media. MiKandi also appeals to the developer, by offering them a way to market, monetize, and deliver adult apps to users they wouldn’t have access to via traditional channels.

Check out “I Got MiKandi” — a slick parody of “Like  A G6” — featuring Jen, Jesse, and Tim themselves (with cameos by CubicleJot & LG).

You can even keep updated with the latest news and apps at the MiKandi blog. There you go, tech-savvy preeverts! At long last, MiKandi is here to fulfill all your mobile, nubile, interwebs open sizzoid adult desires. Code it up!

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