Happy Duck Day!

Happy almost Thanksgiving! If you’re like me, this ranks as one of my top holidays, not only because it falls on a Thursday — necessitating a four day weekend — but because it centers around my reason for getting out of bed in the morning: FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD!

Because Asian folks will never pass up an excuse to eat, we celebrate Thanksgiving with gusto. And if you’re like my family, the “traditional” spread is open to interpretation — as in we bring in our own traditions (but don’t call it “Asian fusion” unless you wanna get slapped).

Maybe instead of a turkey, you have a duck (skin extra crispy), with squab and chicken as side birds. Watch the chewed up bones on the table pile up! Chicken feet salad from the Viet deli; brilliant red cha siu slices from the BBQ spot. Instead of cranberry and gravy, fish sauce and garlic & scallion dip. And probably an assload of yau choy and other greenery (for your digestion, fool). Keep the cornbread in there, probably “Jiffy Mix” brand…everybody likes that. Or you could go the hotpot route and make everyone cook their own damn food.

For dessert, something involving sweet yams will be still be around, and oh yes — a huge fuckin’ cheesecake from Costco. You know the one.

XO cuz it's a special occasion!

And don’t forget the Henny, the Remy, the Crown. Mixed with some club soda for the kiddies, but Pau Pau likes that shit neat. And after the meal is over, it’s gamblin & yellin time!

And instead of eating turkey for days afterwards, just stick those leftovers in some congee! Ever had pumpkin jook? Om nom nom.

However you celebrate with fam and friends, loosen up them buttons, let Grandma eat the last piece of duck skin (don’t be rude!), and help moms with the dishes after. Say, what’s on your Thanksgiving menu? Mind if I stop by for 2nd dinner? I’ll bring the Remy…XO!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Duck Day!

  1. thanx suzie! love the post on AbFob too — quite an impressive display! We had to set it up buffet-style too cuz all the plates couldn’t fit on the dinner table. 🙂


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