The Asian Guy Finally Gets a Happy Ending

We are blessed here at BcB to get a lot of offers to promote films and even attend a few screenings. And I was a little reluctant to take a look at The Warrior’s Way, if only for the title alone.

I’m watching the trailer, and I’m thinking, hmmm, maybe. I saw Korean superstar Dong-Gun Jang, who I only recognize  from Taegukgi, but I’m sure his other movies are gems  (you know what I say, there’s no such thing as a bad Korean movie!).

BUT THEN I SAW KATE. OOoooh. Kate “my one blue eye and one gray eye almost single-handedly brought down the Superman franchise” Bosworth starring in a movie opposite an Asian guy? Is this going to be another Asian-Man-Don’t-Get-the-Girl movie, or what I like to call, a Romeo Must Die? Or will this be an awkward romance like Jackie Chan and Jennifer Love Hewitt in The Tuxedo? Who knows!?! All I know is that they actually kiss! Really? YEA! They actually kiss in the trailer. Its in the trailer, I swear, all 0.5 seconds of it, I even screen capped it for you:

Dong-Gun Jang- 1, Brandon Routh-0

It really is sad that we get all excited when the leading Asian man actually gets the girl (sorry Chow Yun Fat in The Replacement Killers), this should be the NORM! No promises about the quality of the movie though. More to come on that later, if I get a free screening. Did you hear that The Warrior’s Way publicity folks? IF I get a free screening!


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