Korean Girl Group Takes Over Asia

Seriously, the first thing that caught my eye while in Asia last week wasn’t the fact that all the girls in this girl band were hot. Or that the video was playing at every restaurant I went to in Seoul or every seedy electronics shop I dropped into while in HK or every bootlegged dvd retailer I visited in Saigon. What made me drop my jaws over Girl Generation’s Gee music video was that there’s NINE OF THEM.

Seriously?! Nine singers in a girl band? Can you imagine how hard it would be to separate the Beyonce’s from the LeToya Luckett’s (WHO? is the correct response) if Destiny’s Child had 9 members?! This group is like The Polyphonic Spree except they’re all Korean, all female, all hot and not a cult. Wait, this is NOTHING like Polyphonic Spree, that was a terrible analogy.


One thought on “Korean Girl Group Takes Over Asia

  1. Gigantic girl groups aren’t exactly a completely new invention… check out Japan’s Morning Musume for example.

    It can however be argued, that Korea’s Girls Generation aka SNSD have taken massive girl group domination to a new level…


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