Friday Fuckery: Halloween Edition

Once again, Samhain is upon us. Which means, in accordance with yearly tradition, I will select a costume based upon what already exists in my wardrobe. Last year, I was kid #4 of Jon & Kate Plus 8. Year before that, a Newsie (from the DISNEY movie, playa).

This year: Peg Bundy. I only had to buy the wig, light a Pall Mall, stuff my leopard-print bra, and I’m ready to roll. Easy-Peasy! I have yet to win any costume contests, but if they made a category for “Most Resourceful/Sadly Dresses Like a Fictional Character On An Everyday Basis Anyway”, I would sweep that shit.

Which is why I gotta give it up for these brothas and sistas who clearly put some effort and imagination into their costumes:

Okay, maybe that last one not so much. But it is a creative way to sidle up to some boobies all night.

Happy Halloween!

Thx Chuong, Ryan, AZN & Dizz!

via Buzzfeed and some buds

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