John Lennon, Genetics Expert

Someone’s probably gonna murder me for this, but I was never a fan of the Beatles & Co. Maybe because my formative years were otherwise occupied with the sweet sounds of Paula Abdul, Another Bad Creation, and SWV… later to be complemented by a fixation on Nirvana, Depeche Mode, Hole, and the like. Hey, it was the ’90s (although they’ve all remained in my heavy rotation over the past 15 years).

Anyhoo, this means that I’m not influenced by a background of Lennon-reverence, and I did always find some of the John & Yoko stuff, however “iconic”, still a bit overbearing and gross:

Same with this angry letter John wrote to a laundromat on Mrs. Yoko Ono Lennon’s behalf:

Yeah, I understand it was like 40 years ago and people weren’t as informed that Dude, Oriental is not the preferred nomenclature — Asian American, please. Nonetheless, his stance that Orientals DO! NOT! SWEAT! is pretty hilarious. ‘Cuz Lennon knows Orientals. He sleeps with one! A magical creature with no smelly, offensive glands of any sort, in accordance with the biology of her race. Maybe your white shirt is yellow because Yoko just pitted it out for real, guy. No excuses needed.

via Dlisted

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3 thoughts on “John Lennon, Genetics Expert

  1. Haha! Definitely iconic, and definitely gross.

    I can just imagine John singing, “Imagine there’s no sweating Orientals, you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…”


  2. Sarah — thanks for your astute and insightful comments! However, allow me inform you that, contrary to your beliefs, I am 100% lady — not some lonely, bitter man-troll. Asian women too are capable and willing to call out racial booshit. Imagine that.


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