Create Your Own Evil Chinese Professor Meme!

In response to the creepy “Chinese Professor” political ad put out last week by fiscally conservative group Citizens Against Goverment Waste — which depicts a futuristic dystopia where the United States has fallen into the clutches of the evil “we own your debt… and your asses” Chinese — Angry Asian ManDisgrasian8 Asians, and Reappropriate have teamed up in a genius (but not, like, evil genius) move to create a counter-campaign against the ad’s racist imagery.

Since the “Chinese Professor” video aired, a few parodies have surfaced (like  this one from Campus Progress Action), and AAM & Co. WANT YOU! to add to the mix and make this the biggest internet meme since keyboard cat.

You can dowload the .ZIP file here, which includes a subtitle-less .MOV file plus the .RTF text file transcript of the original “Chinese Professor” video. Write an alternative monologue, re-subtitle the footage, and upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video-sharing service (although Vimeo is recommended since CAGW has been cracking down on parodies posted on YouTube).

Then email the link of your parody to The best three will be chosen by sponsoring bloggers, awarded fabulous prizes (TBD), and the chance to really stick it to the man. Submission deadline: Nov. 27, 2010. Also sponsored by Hyphen and ChannelAPA.

re-post from my post in Hyphen

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