BCB Profilin’: Diana Mao

This BCB Profilin’ features my buddy Diana Mao — a fierce, fashionable lady who is the co-founder and president of Nomi Network, a new nonprofit that works to leverage the marketplace to eliminate sexual slavery. Nomi Network has created a partnership called “Buy Her Bag Not Her Body” — between the fashion industry and cause-driven, well-designed merchandise made by at-risk women and survivors of sexual exploitation. 100% of profits are reinvested into training and career development programs for women.

Nomi Network has received kudos from the likes of Ashley Judd, and was recently selected as one of the top 10 finalists for the 2nd Annual Stay Classy Awards “Charity of the Year”, and is among the top 5 finalists for “Small Charity of the Year”.

If selected, Nomi Network will receive $35,000 in much-needed funds to create education programs for survivors of sex trafficking and women at risk. So take 5 seconds and vote for Nomi Network here by October 22nd! 

Also, Diana never sleeps, but nonetheless can dance your sorry ass into the ground on any given night. To boot, she blogs for freakin’ HuffPo!!! I quit.

Greetings, I am…

Diana Mao, the co-founder and president of Nomi Network.

I’ve been known to bitch about…

Sexual slavery.

My influences/inspirations are…

The eradication of slavery and a world where women, men, and children are not exploited.

On a Saturday night you can find me….

Either out catching up with friends or on my MAC computer working on Nomi Network stuff.

On a Tuesday night you can find me…

Meeting with Nomi Network volunteers or supporters.

If I was a superhero my name would be…

Superman (or woman I should say).

I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with…

Making my bed every morning.

Favorite thing to do in New York….

Reading and getting some sun on the launch chairs at Highline Park.

My weapon of choice is….

The ability to read minds.

Be sure to check out my…

Non-profit and blog:




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