Robot Pop

Dang, the Japanese come up with so many creepy robots, I should just make a new post category and call it “Robot Mondays”.

Okay, a singing and dancing robot could be kinda cool, especially in a Disney side-kick or Teddy Ruxpin sorta way. But this would be a lot less creepy if :


#2: Why put a dress and wig on the thing and then not bother to put pants on it to cover up those Terminator-y legs? It’s terribly distracting. Which is unfair to the performance of the robot.

and #Thirdliest: How about use some reasonably proportioned appendages rather than hands that look like they belong to Andre the Giant (RIP). Again, extremely distracting.

Oh well, at least the robot’s white boy 2-step is on point. Science can only take you so far, I guess. I’ll start being less disappointed in science when it creates a robot that can do the Tootsee Roll. Now dip baby, dip!

Happy nightmares.

via Buzzfeed

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