Friday Fuckery: Zombie vs. Kids

Aside from the fact that someone might wanna call Child Protective Services on this family/game show, this whole set-up is pretty badass. Wanna train your kids to be fuckin’ warriors? Than arrange for a terrifying, movie-quality zombie to chase them through the streets and bust into their apartment. See how quickly they can set booby traps and how they react in nightmarish fight-or-flight situations.

Big brother here is clearly scared out of his shit but has the fightin’ cajones to not only tell the zombie to bring it on, but to engage in full-on hand-to-hand aka saran wrap combat. Little boy, thy name be bravery. Sis’ Tobasco blood trick was pretty ingenious as well.

Your kids may be emotionally scarred and develop bed-wetting and night terror issues, but they’ll thank you for it in the event of a post-apocalyptic zombie takeover or alien attack.

Thanks Denise!

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