Seeking a Few Good Warriors

These ladies know how to bypass the bullshit dating scene and get down to brass tacks. Or in this case, bamboo spears (Haay-yoh!). Martial arts masters Xiao Lin (22) and Xiao Yin (21) are staging a three-day combat tournament to find their physical and romantic match. The winner will have to prove their strength in contests of archery, carrying a heavy weight over bamboo spears, and defeating a sister in full contact combat. Only then can the suitor unmask the sister to ask for some sugar.

Screw speed dating! How about speed kick to the head-ing and shooting arrows through shit. And finally, ground ‘n’ pounding your future lover into Romantical Town. Zexy.

According to the sisters: “They can chose open hand or any weapon they wish but we won’t be holding back. If they can’t beat us they aren’t worthy“, explained Lin. “We tried dating agencies but the men we met were all too weak. We could beat them easily,” said Yin. “So we went back to ancient ways called Bi Wu Zhao Qin – which was the way warrior princesses would find their men.” Spoken like true playas.

Since the world through my eyes looks like a ’70s Gung Fu flick/Xena Warrior Princess episode anyhow, this shit is hella romantic and practical to me. Although I would add a few things — my test of luuurrrrv would include other essential skills like pickle back and Irish car bomb shooting, marathon-buffet-eating (note if he goes for the crab legs or the filler crap, like rolls and potatoes) and the yo-momma-so-fat dirty dozens. If he can out-shit talk me or drink me under the table, then I shall grant his request — to put a mask on.

via dlisted

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