Cheaters Get Elephant-Wanged

Here’s a heartwarming story out of Taiwan (complete with helpful CGI re-enactment, thanks to Next Media Animation!). A man from Taipei — who has been dubbed “Cheating Chen” — was caught by his wife and girlfriend after Chen posted a skanky pic on facebook (too easy). Instead of tearing each others’ hair out when discovering each other, the women decided to team up as a Dynamic Duo of Vengeance.

Their plan included slippin’ Cheatin’ Chen a mickey (his wife is a nurse) typing him to the bed, shearing his pubes and eyebrows, and drawing an elephant and the words “I’m a man-whore” on his naked body. Also may or may not have involved the wielding of knifes and bats, but I’ll buy Nurse Wang’s story that she was just using the bat as a back massager. Asian folks be doin’ that at times.  Resourceful.

Anyhoo, I disagree with the label that these ladies are “crazy”. Let them instead serve as models for how to handle those out on the creep: With a healthy dose o’ rope and manscapeage. Although I do feel the crotch-shaving thing should just be part of a standard maintenance regimen, fellas. Just sayin’.

via Buzzfeed

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