Going Home Barbie

Barbies, so many Barbies! Barbie Millicent Roberts is so today, so modern, so with it. Barbie has evolved with the times, you know, so now you don’t just have a 36”-18”-33”, well-accessorized bimbo coveted by grubby-handed children and man-childs alike as a plaything, Barbie is a bimbo with a JOB! Such as! A nurse, a showgirl…even a secretary!

Unfortunately Barbie came under fire from race-obsessed rabble-rousers for her classic beauty blonde hair and lily white features, and somehow these people were still in a kerfuffle when black Barbies were made with darker complexions (albeit with the same mold and features as White Barbie, up until 2009)! Ppffft. What’s the big dealio, people of coloreds? Go figure.

Hell, they even made a “Fantasy Goddess of Asia” Barbie and Barbie’s Oriental friend Kira Ching-Chong-What’s-Her-Name, but there’s just never pleasing some people.


Well, this should put the nay-sayers to rest: as evidence of its racial boundary-crossing Kumbaya-edness, Mattel has created a “Going Home” Barbie, complete with Barbie’s very own Chinese babe, cradled in her nurturing plastic hands!

This particular Barbie with child is exclusively available at the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou, China — which is a popular place for Westerners to stay while adopting — and is given as an bonus souvenir to Angelina ladies taking “home” their very own human souvenir bundle of joy. Art imitates life, no?

So shut it, doll-haters! Barbie not only has a huge rack, but a huge heart that wants to adopt a helpless Chinese babycreature that serendipitously matches her Jimmy Choos (Also Asian! I bet he would approve). Don’t ever say Barbie is irrelevant to these modern times.

Thanks Baby Seal!

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2 thoughts on “Going Home Barbie

  1. The “Coming Home Barbie” line has actually been around for quite awhile (10+ years, I believe). I think the one pictured is the 7th edition which was released a few years ago (I think there may be an 8th but I’m not a doll aficionado so don’t know for sure).

    I have stayed at the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou and know they have a display case (in the childrens’ playroom – which incidentally is sponsored by Mattel) which features the previous editions of the “Coming Home Barbie” that is given to everybody adopting a child from China and getting processed in Guangzhou (primarily families from the United States since the U.S. consulate is in Guangzhou). As far as I know, they don’t even sell the Barbies in the hotel, they are only given to the families adopting personally by the floor staff (each floor has at least one employee monitoring the floor at any given time, usually stationed at the elevator banks).

    The “Coming Home Barbies” are also huge collectibles in the Barbie after-market with many going for hundreds of dollars on eBay! Crazy stuff.

    Even crazier is that there is at least one petition to Mattel to make the line available to everybody (http://www.petitiononline.com/chb/petition.html) rather than solely at the White Swan Hotel.


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