Friday Fuckery: Peter Fever!

I got a fevah, and the only prescription is….more Peter Le!

So by now the hype around the the “K-Town version of Jersey Shore” has spread far and wide. A while ago I was looking at the newly released cast pics with my roommate, and he’s all: “I recognize that guy! He’s a nude model! His website is called…PETER FEVER! (So NSFW)

Ah-oooo-gaa! And I canceled my plans for the rest of the night.

I’ve read a couple interviews with the Vietnamese American personal trainer, and only the show will tell if he’s a true meathead douchebag, but at least he’s got some opinions about Asian American sexuality and stereotypes. And he’s also very coy about the way he swings — whether that’s an intentional effort to retain the majority gay followers of his site, or a true expression of his hankerins, more power to Peter.

So since it’s Friday, treat yourself to some soft porns at work and set the tone for a very sesssaay weekend — featuring the well-muscled and well-hung P-P-P-Peter Le!.

Thanks DJ Char Char Binks!

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3 thoughts on “Friday Fuckery: Peter Fever!

  1. uh, you can’t possibly believe he’s straight. he’s had exchanges (on his site i think or somewhere i read) on the subject of being a bottom or a top. i mean, no straight man would play coy with his sexuality. he’s gay all the way sweetie.


  2. @mikki: You misunderstood it. In that article, it was NOT his story but someone else’s. It was from Jason J. and he even said at the end that If you have other stories to share, follow these blah blah.


  3. you are so sexy but I love it. When I see these picture,I love you so much.I have a heavy breathing, I want to have a night with you in bed to sex


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