Keni Styles & The Human Sexipede

Have you heard of the horror film that came out earlier this year called The Human Centipede? If you have — I’m sorry. I had the misfortune of some old dude on the subway informing me about it. If you don’t know what that is, you are one lucky duck, and I advise you against googling.

The only reason I bring this up is because there is now a porn parody: The Human Sexipede (sooooo NSFW, if the title didn’t tip you off).

Since I’m a laaaaydee, I’m not a fan of porn (just suspend your disbelief please), but this preview is amusing.

Plus, it’s starring Keni Styles as The Asian Dude aka “Japanese Tourist Katsuro”. Keni is a Thai British actor and the first straight Asian guy to be widely recognized and honored in the Western porn industry, winning both “Best Male Newcomer” and “Best Actor” in the 2009 AVN & 2010 Porn Awards. Quite an accomplishment considering this is an industry in which heterosexual Asian males have been largely nonexistent.

Plus Keni’s one stone cold fox, a nice counter to those gross, fat, greasy grunting roid-heads you usually see in porn:

Work it. If you didn’t already know about Keni, perhaps you’d care to get acquainted via his blog. Or The Human Sexipede is $5 off if you order from the website. Pervert.

via Buzzfeed

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