Cops Make for a Violent Week in Puget Sound

I don’t know how much press this has been getting outside the area, but between the Seattle Police Dept (already plagued by a shady record of police brutality), and Puget Sound area law enforcement, there have been five civilians killed in the first week of September. Some wonder if the po-po have itchy trigger fingers since the cop-killing incidents over the past year.

One of the killings that resulted in much community protest was that of of John T. Williams, a homeless Native American woodcarver, who was shot because he was carrying a 3-inch (legal!) carving knife. Friends say he was also partially deaf, which meant he may not have heard the police’s orders to drop the knife.

While the ability to justify using deadly force probably varies widely depending on each of these situations, cops — especially in the case of John T. Williams — need to be better trained on how to avoid a policy of shooting first and asking questions later. A fucking shame.

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