Justice for Fong Lee Press Conference and Rally


WHAT: Press Conference and Rally to announce the Lee family’s decision to appeal their wrongful death suit against Jason Andersen and the Minneapolis Police Department to the Supreme Court. The Lee family has retained the law firm Hilliard, Muñoz, Gonzales (http://hmglawfirm.com/) in the shooting death of their teenage son Fong Lee by Minneapolis police officer Jason Andersen, who was recently fired because of a federal indictment in another brutality charge.

WHEN: Saturday, October 2, 2:00 p.m.

Cityview Elementary School, where Fong Lee was killed.
3350 North 4th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55412

WHO: This press conference is being organized by the Justice for Fong Lee Committee and the family of Fong Lee. Family members and Janelle Yang, the legal contact for the family, will be making statements about the appeal. Community organizations and leaders will also be making statements of support.

WHY: The family and community were shocked and angered by the 2009 verdict in their wrongful death suit as well as the district court’s recent denial for an appeal. They view these decisions as part of a growing pattern of police misconduct and lack of accountability in the Twin Cities. Under new representation from the firm Hilliard, Muñoz, Gonzales, the Lee family is appealing their wrongful death suit to the Supreme Court.

Statement from the attorney:

“Amidst the recent news of Minneapolis Police Officer Jason Andersen being fired for the second time in his career for lying about events when he was accused of kicking a teenager in the head while a member of the Gang Strike Force, the family of another of Andersen’s nineteen year-old victims, Fong Lee, is petitioning for a writ of certiorari to the Supreme Court of the United States to overturn the Eighth Circuit Court’s recent decision refusing to award Fong Lee’s family damages after he was shot 8 times by the officer. There are a number of issues in the case
that warrant Supreme Court review and perhaps we can bring a rogue officer to justice.”

Join the “Justice for Fong Lee” Facebook page here.

More background info on the Fong Lee case:

On July 22, 2006, Hmong teenager Fong Lee was with a group of friends riding bikes near the North Minneapolis Cityview Elementary School when Minneapolis police officers chased them across the playground. Officer Jason Andersen shot Fong Lee eight times, in the back, side, and then five more shots into Lee’s chest as he lay on the ground. Andersen stated he was justified in the killing, claiming that Lee pointed a gun at him. He was cleared by the MPD’s internal investigation even though neighborhood eyewitnesses were not interviewed, many of whom contradicted the police officers’ version of events in community press reports.

In 2009 the family of Fong Lee brought a wrongful death lawsuit again the City of Minneapolis and Jason Andersen, citing surveillance cameras that showed Fong Lee did not have a gun and evidence that demonstrated that the gun found at the scene had been in police custody, suggesting that the gun had been planted. When an all-white jury found that Anderson had not used “excessive force” in killing 19-year old Fong Lee, community members held numerous rallies to continue to demand justice in what they saw as a police cover-up.

The family has since appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for a new trial, which has been denied. Now, under the representation of Hilliard, Muñoz, and Gonzales, the family of Fong Lee is taking their case to the Supreme Court, in hopes that national attention will result in a new trial of this egregious police action.

Jason Andersen was first in the media’s eye with his shooting death of Fong Lee but he has remained a contentious member of the Minneapolis police force. In September 2009
Police Chief Tim Dolan fired Andersen for violating the department’s ethics policy because of a dropped domestic assault charge. A state arbitrator returned Andersen to the force after the police union grieved the firing. Andersen is currently being indicted on federal charges for allegedly abusing a black teenager while part of the notorious and now-defunct Metro Gang Strike Force. On September 22, 2010 he was fired for a second time for violating the department’s code on “truthfulness” about this incident in which he allegedly kicked the teen in the head.

Thanks Slanty and Bao!

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Going Home Barbie

Barbies, so many Barbies! Barbie Millicent Roberts is so today, so modern, so with it. Barbie has evolved with the times, you know, so now you don’t just have a 36”-18”-33”, well-accessorized bimbo coveted by grubby-handed children and man-childs alike as a plaything, Barbie is a bimbo with a JOB! Such as! A nurse, a showgirl…even a secretary!

Unfortunately Barbie came under fire from race-obsessed rabble-rousers for her classic beauty blonde hair and lily white features, and somehow these people were still in a kerfuffle when black Barbies were made with darker complexions (albeit with the same mold and features as White Barbie, up until 2009)! Ppffft. What’s the big dealio, people of coloreds? Go figure.

Hell, they even made a “Fantasy Goddess of Asia” Barbie and Barbie’s Oriental friend Kira Ching-Chong-What’s-Her-Name, but there’s just never pleasing some people.


Well, this should put the nay-sayers to rest: as evidence of its racial boundary-crossing Kumbaya-edness, Mattel has created a “Going Home” Barbie, complete with Barbie’s very own Chinese babe, cradled in her nurturing plastic hands!

This particular Barbie with child is exclusively available at the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou, China — which is a popular place for Westerners to stay while adopting — and is given as an bonus souvenir to Angelina ladies taking “home” their very own human souvenir bundle of joy. Art imitates life, no?

So shut it, doll-haters! Barbie not only has a huge rack, but a huge heart that wants to adopt a helpless Chinese babycreature that serendipitously matches her Jimmy Choos (Also Asian! I bet he would approve). Don’t ever say Barbie is irrelevant to these modern times.

Thanks Baby Seal!

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Friday Fuckery: Peter Fever!

I got a fevah, and the only prescription is….more Peter Le!

So by now the hype around the the “K-Town version of Jersey Shore” has spread far and wide. A while ago I was looking at the newly released cast pics with my roommate, and he’s all: “I recognize that guy! He’s a nude model! His website is called…PETER FEVER! (So NSFW)

Ah-oooo-gaa! And I canceled my plans for the rest of the night.

I’ve read a couple interviews with the Vietnamese American personal trainer, and only the show will tell if he’s a true meathead douchebag, but at least he’s got some opinions about Asian American sexuality and stereotypes. And he’s also very coy about the way he swings — whether that’s an intentional effort to retain the majority gay followers of his site, or a true expression of his hankerins, more power to Peter.

So since it’s Friday, treat yourself to some soft porns at work and set the tone for a very sesssaay weekend — featuring the well-muscled and well-hung P-P-P-Peter Le!.

Thanks DJ Char Char Binks!

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Senate Denies Rights of Gays in Military & Undocumented Students

Yesterday, the US Senate failed to override a Republican filibuster and reach the 60 votes needed to push forward the DREAM Act, which would have provided permanent residency status to undocumented youth who were brought into the country before the age of 16 and have completed 2 years of college or military service. The DREAM Act was tacked onto the 2010 Defense Authorization Bill as an amendment, because it would have allowed thousands of new recruits to join the military.

The DREAM Act has traditionally enjoyed bipartisan support (including from former General and Secretary of State Colin Powell), and would let young people who were brought into the United States by a family member own embark on a path toward citizenship and the American dream.

Youth like the four Miami-Dade College students (two of which are a gay couple) who courageously outed their immigration status and walked from Miami to Washington DC in a 1,500 mile “Trail of Dreams”, in support of the DREAM Act and humane immigration reform. Youth like the over 230,000 undocumented Korean students in the US.

Trail of Dreams Walk

Additionally, the Defense Authorization Bill contained language to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the law that bans openly gay men and women from serving in the U.S. military. The bill also proposed to increase pay for military service-members and provide them with additional protections on the battlefield.

Army Lt. and Iraq War veteran Dan Choi

The blocking of the bill does nothing to help solve our country’s challenges along the immigration, economic, gay equality, or human rights fronts — and hypocritically denies the contributions undocumented students and LGBTQs have made in all sectors of society, as other citizens continue to benefit from them.

Immigrants and Latinos are the fastest-growing bloc of voters in the US, and preventing this legislation is in direct opposition to the interests of Congress’ constituents.  Hold your elected officials accountable. For a full list of Repubes and Dems who voted against the DREAM Act (or didn’t even bother to vote) go here. And urge your representatives to create another opportunity for a public debate on the merits of the DREAM Act and elimination of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”. You can call Senator Harry Reid and ask him to re-introduce the DREAM Act as a stand-alone bill at 202 224 3542 (anti-immigrant groups are calling to stop the bill right now).

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Happy Citizenship Day!

Today — September 17th — is National Citizenship Day. Amidst anti-immigrant legislation like SB 1070, the anti-mosque and anti-Muslim frenzy (which many feel is being exploited by Republicans to curry votes in the upcoming elections), race-based violence against immigrants, and the dismal failure of Obama and the rest of the Dems to deliver on comprehensive immigration reform…let’s celebrate the positive and crucial contributions immigrants have made to every aspect of American society.

And it should be a two-way street, right? Isn’t it hypocritical of us as a nation to rely upon and benefit from the sweat of immigrants while keeping them in the shadows and denying a path to becoming fully integrated members of our communities? While legalization of undocumented immigrants may not happen this year, we can still do our part to help legal residents become citizens.

When one becomes a citizen, they acquire certain protections and rights, like protections against being deported, being able to reunite with family members overseas, and — incredibly important for the upcoming midterm elections, which are very much in danger of being overtaken by the G.O.P. — THE RIGHT TO VOTE.

Research shows that naturalized immigrants — when registered — vote at higher rates than the native-born. And APIAs tend to vote progressive, which means less Repubes and less racist, anti-immigrant legislation in the long run. But our folks need even more outreach and assistance to successfully register and turn out to the polls.

So whether it’s  talking to someone in your family who may be eligible to naturalize, or volunteering at an ESL or citizenship prep class, we can all do our part to help more immigrants naturalize. For more info and resources go here.

And speaking of APIAs and voting, for those in the LA area, don’t miss this epic voter registration and arts event (featuring my future ex-husbands Quest Crew, aooogaaah!):

More info on the event here. Register to vote here.

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Keni Styles & The Human Sexipede

Have you heard of the horror film that came out earlier this year called The Human Centipede? If you have — I’m sorry. I had the misfortune of some old dude on the subway informing me about it. If you don’t know what that is, you are one lucky duck, and I advise you against googling.

The only reason I bring this up is because there is now a porn parody: The Human Sexipede (sooooo NSFW, if the title didn’t tip you off).

Since I’m a laaaaydee, I’m not a fan of porn (just suspend your disbelief please), but this preview is amusing.

Plus, it’s starring Keni Styles as The Asian Dude aka “Japanese Tourist Katsuro”. Keni is a Thai British actor and the first straight Asian guy to be widely recognized and honored in the Western porn industry, winning both “Best Male Newcomer” and “Best Actor” in the 2009 AVN & 2010 Porn Awards. Quite an accomplishment considering this is an industry in which heterosexual Asian males have been largely nonexistent.

Plus Keni’s one stone cold fox, a nice counter to those gross, fat, greasy grunting roid-heads you usually see in porn:

Work it. If you didn’t already know about Keni, perhaps you’d care to get acquainted via his blog. Or The Human Sexipede is $5 off if you order from the website. Pervert.

via Buzzfeed

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Friday Fuckery: Baby Got Book

Those who know me know full well that BGB is my muthaeffin ANTHEM. It was made so in 1992, when BGB went straight to the top of the charts for five weeks, and at the tender grade of 5th I vowed to do my part to honor and uphold the legacy of Sir Mix throughout all the land.

This song holds a special place deep in the cockles of my heart worthy of a stroll down the aisle to (preferably with the Mack Daddy himself. And that would make me Madame CBruhs-a-Lot. Pretty as a picture, no?).

And anyone who’s been around when the jam drops has witnessed me enter into a fugue state wherein I swipe the nearest mic out of an unsuspecting karaoke singer’s hand or start yelling and pogo-dancing along. I can’t help it. BGB puts a spell on me.

This is what you get. Sorry Mario.

I’m well aware this song is making a comeback, and all sorts of chuckleheads are jumping on the BGB bandwagon. I just watched THIS on the internets:

Ok, I admit it – it’s pretty fun in a totally lame way. The lyrics are clever, like “If you want the triple 6 thrown down, dial 1-800-READS-A-LOT, and teach me about those psalms”, and “She wanna get you saved  – like Amen! Double up – A! Men!” and “Ladies! (Yeah?) Ladies! (Yeah?) Do you wanna save people from Hades?”

But honestly?…NO. Weirdly charming as it may be, I shan’t be swayed by some do-gooders  from the pure, true message of this song: FILTHY, SINFUL, LUST-FILLED BIG-BUTTED SEXY TIMES! It’s a fucking tribute to the AZZ and the glorious owners of said AZZes and a big F You to beanpole dame beauty standards. Let’s celebrate it!

The BGB music video was briefly banned from MTV for its controversial, sexually explicit lyrics and imagery. But there ain’t nuthin wrong with a little booty…or a whoooole lotta booty! Get with it squares!

So hey Christian Rap — if you wanna be into eh-bay-bay jeezus and all, that’s fine and dandy — but don’t try to co-opt the social and political movement of Biggus Gluteus Appreciatus. We don’t need no savin’. Whup-pow!

via Buzzfeed

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