BCB Vacay

Hey All! Lotsa “A Change is Gonna Come” times ovah heah with CBruhs — will be traveling to the Yay then up to Seatown, across to DC and over to NYC in the next few weeks in true bicoastal fashion, and moving my shit while trying to not lose my (mental) shit. Not really a vacay but it sounds better when you say it that way. Plus I’ll be stuffing my face, squeezing dildos, and petting cats across the continent so there will be pleasure mixed with work.

In light of all this, posts may be less frequent for a lukewarm minute. But don’t ditch me ya’ll and lose not ye faith, sinners! I’ll be back with an even bigger dose of bitchiness in my child-bearing, cupcake-addled hips in the fall. Happy summer and many margaritas to ya,

xoxo; Have a Bitchin’ Summer; SSS (Sorry So Short/Stay Smilin’ Shorty),



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