Grandma Tracy Tears it Up

This is the kinda stuff New York never fails to provide on the daily. Magical, wondrous, random-ass beings like Grandma Tracy here, descended from the funkadelic heavens at this past weekend’s Mad Decent NYC Block Party. GT is obviously more limber and fashion-forward than most rapscallions a third her age.

I love how people think she’s done around 1:22 and then she’s all: SIKE, BITCHES! and busts right into another robot/wave. And then gears up for battle mode at 3:20.

I think it’s a crime against humanity that she wasn’t cast in the recent STEP UP 3-D. I didn’t spot her anywhere in that movie. Uh I mean, previews…the previews. Anyhoo, when next dude gets in the circle to bust a move, the crowd’s like: BOO! We want more Grandma Tracy and her fannypack o’ soul boogie! Word up.

Thanks Baby Seal!

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