Telenoid R1:You’ll Never Want to Talk to Your Loved Ones Again

I actually started watching this video while eating a slice of pizza, and had to stop. And I can usually wolf down a burrito while a bum is taking a crap on the sidewalk next to me, so that should give you an idea of the level of Code Red Terrifying this is.

Why do you touch it?!

The Telenoid R1 is a communications device enabling people to “chat” from long distances by mimicking the movements of the speaker.  The user sits at a computer connected to a webcam, which records the speaker’s voice and tracks their movements. The movements are then mimicked by the transportable Telenoid, which is placed with the recipient of the message.

“If a friend speaks from the telenoid, we can imagine the friend’s face on the telenoid’s face,” inventor Hiroshi Ishiguro says. “If we embrace it, we have the feeling, that we embrace the friend.”

I dunno about you, but this is not the face I want to gaze into while talking to Moms, my little cuzin, or some juicehead I’m trying to woo. I don’t understand: with the amount of money, time, and ingenuity that goes into creating these robot creatures, can’t inventors in Japan invest just a teeny bit into aesthetics? I mean c’mon, at least some appendages, or make it look like a Munny Toy and less like a lubed-up slug made by an 7-year-old with fimo and Crisco.

Even this half-ass, genderless mascot would be infinitely less gross:

Take it from me, I love you!

via Buzzfeed, NY Daily News

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