Wordstrike: API Writers Boycott Arizona

Today, SB 1070 — Arizona’s racist law that allows law enforcement officers to detain anyone they “suspect” of being an illegal immigrant — goes into effect. Although there is the good news  that U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton has issued a preliminary injunction preventing several sections of Arizona’s new immigration law from becoming law, this hold is only temporary, and does not include key provisions of SB 1070 ( like the part that creates misdemeanor crimes for harboring and transporting illegal immigrants).

To join forces with the many advocates that are boycotting Arizona, the Asian American Writers’ Workshop has launched Wordstrike: a writers’ boycott of Arizona to remain in effect until these laws are repealed. Thus far over 100 writers, including Jhumpa Lahiri, David Henry Hwang,  Junot Diaz, Ha Jin, Jessica Hagedorn, Luis Rodriguez, Noam Chomsky, Maxine Hong Kingston, Adrienne Rich, Salman Rushdie, and Sandra Cisneros, have signed on.

Read the Wordstrike manifesto here. And be sure check out wordstrike.net to read more about this boycott, see who has signed already, and sign on yourself. You don’t have to be a writer — readers and language lovers can join this fight. You can also follow Wordstrike on Facebook.

Damn, in addition to providing awesome programming and support to the API arts community, AAWW has launched a badass initiative applying literature to fight injustice. Write on.


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