BCB Profilin’: Monica Barroga

This week’s Profilin’! features fierce Filipina Monica Barroga aka Monie Love aka Lady Fola. Along with being a front-funkstress for Eldridge Gravy & The Court Supreme (Seattle Weekly sez: “these guys put on one of the best live shows in Seattle”), Monica and CBruhs go way back as Tribes Project alumni and co-founders of the Ding Ho School of Driving. Rules for DHSoD include: when parallel parking, one must adjust at least 7 times, and never miss an opportunity to cut someone off from the left while flashing the thumbs up (ding ho muthafucka) sign. Monie also knows a thing or two about doin’ it up Hunter S. Thompson-style and has a ballsier wardrobe than anyone I know.

Greetings, I am…

Monica.  Child wrangler and expert on two year olds…by day.  By night I am The Lady Gravy, captured and possessed in a pearl by Eldridge Gravy. Bound here on earth, i must sing and give rise to the funk so that someday I may return home to the cosmos.

I’ve been known to bitch about…

Hipsters, zombies, weakness, cold weather, parenting of children (i may not know  what’s “right”, but i sure know what’s “wrong”), food, music and “art”.

My influences are…

Bjork (fashion, vocals, not giving a fuck), Tori Amos (weirdo spirituality, survival, not giving a fuck), Cleopatra (vision, strength, not giving a fuck),  GWAR (blood, thrashing, NGF), and friends…who all inspire me to not give a fuck.  Also, Ice T doesn’t give a fuck but he’s not necessarily an influence.

On a Saturday night you can (usually) find me….Singing in a funk band called Eldridge Gravy and the Court Supreme.  I sing back ups and lead a few songs.  We are harbingers of funk and soul for the Seattle area.

On a Tuesday night you can find me…

Belly dancing and/or goldfish racing.

My usual drink/poison is….

Pot…i guess.  Or scotch.  Good scotch.

If I was a superhero my name would be…

My superhero name IS: Doesn’t-Even-Have-To-Try Woman.

I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with…

Animal Crossing

Favorite thing to do in Seattle….

Fremont Solstice Parade.  Naked.  That is all.

Free Association time! First word I think of after “Asian America”:

Well here’s a few things that come to mind: B.D. Wong.  It’s hip to be ASIAN in AMERICA.  Made in China.  Chopsticks in Thai food.  All you can eat super buffet (No. 1). AZN.  But to give the one word answer: EXCLUSIVE.

My weapon of choice is….

Knowledge.  Or an uzi…but I’ve never fired a gun…so there’s a lack of knowledge there…you get what I’m saying.

Be sure to check out my…

Sweet tits! Oh you mean www.eldridgegravy.com. There you can find info on the band and our up coming West Coast tour.  Indeed we will be heading down the coast to Eugene (8/13) and Portland, OR (8/14) and then onto Sacramento (8/16), Casper, CA (8/19), and San Francisco (8/16).  We’ll also be playing Bumbershoot in Seattle Labor Day Weekend (9/5). You can listen to our music, buy the tunes and discover how amazing we are all within a few clicks.

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