Kim Ja Moon Don’t Mess

This story about Kim Ja Moon — a no fear, show-downin’, robber-chasin’, life guidance-dishin’ Korean American shop owner — will make you want to punch your fist in the air like Kevin Bacon in Footloose. As originally published in the Chicago Sun-Times:


July 17, 2010


Kim Ja Moon wasn’t about to let two men rob her Oak Park dry cleaners in broad daylight, even if one had a gun.

When the men, twice her size, demanded money from Kim, 66, she refused.

When they ordered Kim — all 4-foot-10 and 100 pounds of her — and her husband to the rear of the business, she said she stood her ground.

Finally, when they ran off, she chased them — and the cops nabbed one of them.

The crime happened Monday night at the woman’s Austin Cleaners, when the men entered her store and told her they didn’t have a ticket for their clothes.

She looked at them skeptically.

“I said, ‘No,'” she recalled.

One of the men announced he had a gun, demanded money and pushed Kim backward, demanding she and her husband go to the back of the cleaners.

“No,” she said again. “No! I stay here.”

Somehow, Kim managed to push the man, grab on to the edge of the counter and brace herself, blocking his path.

Kim recalled what she had learned from watching the television show “Cops.”

“If I go back of store, maybe I die,” she said. “I stay here and fight.”

The gunman’s accomplice got nervous, and they ran off, she said.

Kim gave chase. Soon, the men split up, and Kim chose to go after the gunman.

He couldn’t shake her.

“I jog every day,” Kim said.

Plus, the gunman was “very heavy,” she said.

During the chase, Kim encountered two regular customers and asked them to call the police.

The chase continued, and minutes later, police arrested 215-pound Courtney Hadley, 26, of Chicago.

He was charged with armed robbery and is being held on $250,000 bond. Hadley had been on parole less than two months for a drug charge.

Asked if she was worried about any consequences from resisting two armed robbers, Kim shook her head.

“No, I’m not worried. He go to jail.”

Kim, who emigrated from Korea in 1973, is proud of the life she has created here.

She offered Hadley some advice, from the road map she followed for her own American dream.

“He [should] study,” she said. “Get out [of jail], he find a job.”

“Don’t go to school, no job,” she added.


Madame Moon took crime fightin into her own hands and made a CITIZEN’S AY-RREST! She should get a Nobel Peace Prize for keeping the peace via kicking ass on behalf of Asian small business owners and ajummas everywhere.

Just one look at her DON’T PLAY expression above should’ve tipped off those punks they were waaaay out of their league. Kim deserves a spot on COPS or Walker, Texas Ranger — she could school them amateurs on how justice is really served.

Thanks Dennis!

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