BCB Profilin’: DJ Boo

I’m excited to introduce a new thang here at BCB: Profilin’! Every so often we’ll feature a different mover & shaker in the APIA community, and their goinzons that you should be clued into.

Our first Profilin’ is the indomitable DJ BOO, who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for a few years now (first acquainted through Sulu Series). Take it away Booooooo!

1. Greetings, I am:

Boo, DJ Boo.

2. I’ve been known to bitch about:

Bad music. Extra medium clothes and the people who wear them.  Parking in NYC. Everyday stupidity that is running rampant in our everyday lives from politics to entertainment.  The dirty looks when I firmly stand that I am on team Jacob.  Bella needs to go with a leg humping canine.  Leg humping is a victimless crime unlike blood sucking.

3. My influences are:

Peyote and when that’s not available rubber cement heated to a low boil.
Honestly?  Bruce Lee, I want to be like water, but I really want to kick ass.  John Bonham, I want to play drums like him but not choke on my own vomit.  ODB, if only I can be that free.  My Father, I don’t know anyone who gives back as much as that man.

4. On a Saturday night you can find me:

Hustling on the streets selling my ass for the iPhone 4 (quite frankly any product put out by Apple).  Seriously?  It actually all depends.  Lately I’ve been gigging here and there.  Last week I was up at Martha’s Vineyard as the help at a wedding.  This weekend I will be the help on a farm in DC.  And the following week I’m at Southpaw in Brooklyn performing with Eternia.

5. On a Tuesday night you can find me:

In fetal possession wondering why she won’t love me.
This past Tuesday I was at Fat Beats performing alongside Eternia for her album release. Other than that Tuesdays are free for me.  Plus Tuesdays NCIS is on.  Did you know that NCIS is the number one cop show, ever?

6. My usual drink/poison is:

A glass of chocolate milk.  Actually that’s a lie.  I’m lactose intolerant and I become a bio-hazard if I consume a tablespoon of that cow juice.  It used to be rum and coke or a Red Stripe but I really don’t drink anymore.  Now its just good old H2O with a teaspoon of crude to help it go down smoothly.

7. The last song/album I listened to is:

I’m constantly listening to music.  One of the artists I work with, Eternia, just dropped an album, “At Last”.  Really great album from one of the best female Hip-hop MC’s out right now.  The album has a little bit of everything from the bragging and boasting to the close and personal.  I think good albums are like windows into the artists lives that allow you to see what they are about.  Her album does just that.

I also just bought Omar Offendum’s “SyrianamericanA”.  Really great Arab-American Hip-hop artist.  I performed with him back in April at Harvard.  There was a real academic approach to his performance that both entertained and enlightened, touching base on his experience as an Arab born American raised person.  He also has no hesitation incorporating his culture into his art form referencing Arab poets and folklore even rhyming in Arabic on some of his tracks.

Before that I was listening heavily to Narcy’s “The Narcicyst”.  Another Arab Hip-hop artist hailing from Montreal.

8. If I was a superhero my name would be:

The Brown Streak.  My power would be the ability to quell any tense situation with ridiculousness.  It would mostly involve flatulence.  I really think flatulence can change the world even bring about peace.  If I was president there wouldn’t be a big red button you push to end it all it would be a big red finger you pull.

9. I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with:

Read the answer above.  Sometimes I use that as an ice breaker.  But I’m learning and growing using my mouth instead of my ass to make friends.  To be honest it’s junk food mostly chocolate, I’ll double fist bowls of the stuff if given the opportunity.  I’ve cut down considerably and actually changed (or at least trying to change) what I eat.

Really good book to pick up is Michael Pollan’s “Food Rules”.  Not a diet book but a collection of rules of thumb regarding food.  One rule that’s stuck in my head “If you’re not hungry enough to eat an apple then you’re not really hungry.”

10. Favorite thing to do in New York:

People watch.  Especially when its with someone because nothing says family fun like ridiculing and demeaning complete strangers.  New York is great for it because its such a melting pot of races and sizes.

11. Free Association time! First word I think of after “Asian America”:

Wesley Snipes.  The greatest Asian American actor of our time.

12. My weapon of choice is:

Hammer.  You can build and destroy with it.  If one isn’t available, my chompers.  I would not hesitate to go Hannibal Lecter on someone and bite them in the face.  I should wear a plaque around my neck warning people to keep all appendages away from my mouth.

13. Be sure to check out my:

Underwear it’s full of surprises.

Seriously check out http://www.SoundCloud.com/Booda-X. I’ve got mixes uploaded there for all to listen.  Also check out some of my friends The Juggaknots (http://www.MySpace.com/JuggsMusic), Eternia (http://www.MySpace.com/Eternia), and Nomadic Wax (http://www.NomadicWax.com).  One more thing: I am at ROOM 18 (18 Spring Street between Mott & Elizabeth Streets) Thursday nights 9 pm til close.

Peep the shirt

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