Good job Danny Fong.

OhEmGee — I like to dance too Danny!! Where were you when I was in high school? I woulda totally asked you to Tolo and then treated you to a magical bounty of surf ‘n’ turf at The Sizzler and plied you with all the Kahlua your tween heart desired, sneaked from my parent’s booze bin. Actually, my game hasn’t changed much over the last 10 years.

Since I pride myself on journalistic integrity and thorough-ness, Danny, I clicked through to your profile. Your profile name is:  “daniscool99”.  Wowee! 99 also holds significance for me, as it’s the year I graduated…from…shaddup. But what is this “99” of yours? Sweet Jay-zusss, is that your birth year?! And now I’m going to stop looking at your profile.

Um anyhoo, someone get this delightful embryo on Glee or something. Maybe cool it with the V-necks tho, Danny boy.

via Buzzfeed

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