MJ: One Year Out

In memoriam, a vid of an NYC subway sing-a-long and dance tribute to the King of Pop. This time last year I was running around the streets of Denver with Noms in disbelief — telling random passerby the sad news. One year later, I appreciate this spirit of celebration and for once, actually wish I was on the L train.

Who knew the L could inspire anything other than barfing in your mouth from the fumes of pretentiousness? Whee! — look how pleased white dude in the blue polo is (also – never seen so many non-white folks and uber hipsters on the L — geez there’s at least 5 of them, you guys!). RIP MJ.

via fourfour

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One thought on “MJ: One Year Out

  1. I still can’t believe that it’s been a year since he died. It feels like he is there somewhere leaving a normal life while his song is still playing on the radio. He may not be here anymore but his song and music will remain forever.


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