Friday Fuckery: Jersey Twilight

I am unabashedly and unapologetically a fan of Jersey Shore. You can throw shade all you want, that shit is addicting. And now that summer is here, I plan to make my own personal pilgrimage to Seaside so I can feel like I’m living in a TV show and see how many blow-outs I can get my fingers caught in. Any joiners?

I will also admit that I made it through the first Twilight book, and although I hate everything about it and the travesty it’s made out of the vampire genre, I’ll gladly pay $15 to watch every movie in the theatre —  because between Taylor Lautner’s underage abs and the zealous commentary of rabid Twihards — that is great entertainment, my friends. And worth every penny.

So I’m pretty excited to re-post this delightful, synergistic mash-up of two pop culture boils on the ass of humanity. To get your weekend started off right. Friggin’ enjoy! xoxo,


via Jimmy Kimmel Live

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One thought on “Friday Fuckery: Jersey Twilight

  1. What if there was a Filipino remake of Jersey Shore on MTV vs. a Korean remake, K-Town, since Koreans don’t seem so loud and thuggish enough while Filipinos are? I mean, Filipinos are the Asian Italians, or guidos, whatever. Flags plastered all over, rosaries worn around the neck, importance of godparents, big family gatherings, etc. Koreans don’t seem to have those kinds of things often. I mean, Korean Americans seem kinda quiet and simple while Filipino Americans are loud and complicated. I can imagine them being like those Italian American Jersey Shore kids. The partying, the fights, the cursing, the drinking, the macho behavior in guys, the prissy behavior in girls, the family-like behavior, etc.-I’ve seen those in Filipinos and I’m Filipino myself. Of course, there would be visits among cast members of these shows, including the upcoming Irish American series, Wicked Summer because they share a similar culture.


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