Thai, Lao Who Gives A Shit? Buy My Sticky Rice Kit!

It’s not hard to see why this one’s categorized under “Appropriation” and “White People Booshit”. The following was originally written by my buddy CubicleJOT on LiveLAOd. Take a gander at the original post and check out the rest of his kick-ass blog. And if you are so moved by the AUDACITY level of said booshit, leave a comment on “The Pope”‘s Youtube page. Take a swipe at his douchey shirt, too.

Cooking Sticky Rice – American Style

Bring out your knife and fork it’s time to eat sticky rice. Come again, knife and fork?  Yep you heard me, “knife and fork”.  According to this dude on Youtube going by the name, “The Pope”, he informs that he being from the west is weary of the hands that are sharing the same basket of rice with him so he has a solution, eat with a knife and fork or have your own individual basket of rice.

The Pope claims that he has been eating and cooking sticky rice for over 20 years and wants to bring sticky rice to the U.S. with his sticky rice kit,  which he has been promoting with the Youtube videos.  Being an opportunist he titles his video, “How to cook THAI sticky rice -American style.” When told that sticky rice is associated with Lao folk and not Thai he replies that the video tutorial is not a history lesson and that although he knows it’s Lao, not many people know where Laos is so he says it’s easier to categorize sticky rice as Thai food.

Message to the Pope.  If you have lived and traveled in Laos or Thailand, the first thing you will learn is that the culture is about sharing.  Food is always eaten family style, many dishes shared by everyone especially the sticky rice.  If you want to promote a product that you know is of Lao culture then give credit to that culture.  Also Pope, your rice cooking skills needs some work, for someone who has cooked sticky rice for over 20 years you still don’t know how to flip the sticky rice. Also Pope, sticky rice should never be eaten with a knife and fork. Message to all don’t ever go into a Lao home and ask for a knife and fork to eat your sticky rice unless you want that fork and knife to be shoved up your Hookee, (where the sun don’t shine).

*Support your local Lao grocery store where you can get all the products this dude is trying to sell.



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