Friday Fuckery: Noby Robot Baby

Meet “Noby”: a robot baby created by researchers at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology in Japan to study child development.

photo by Yoshikazu Tsuno, Getty Images

Noby is short for nine-month-old-baby and roughly translates into “fodder for your night terrors”. With 600 sensors across its body, Noby can “see” and “feel” the world around “him”, and is designed to simulate the behavior and development of a real infant.

OK, yay for science, but seriously, that face is the best it could come up with? 600 sensors, and yet it looks like the glue-sniffin’ offspring of a Wink N’ Blink My Buddy doll and a paper maché Pinocchio. Sometimes you can be so disappointing, Science. Get back to me when you invent a baby friend that can fix me a dirty martini or slap on a pedicure.

via Buzzfeed

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