Justin’s Big Ups to Mariqueen Maandig

Guest post by Justin Woo

Regarding Mariqueen Maandig + Trent Reznor, CBruhs and I disagree on this point a bit.

Okay, maybe when Filipina Mariqueen Maandig seemed doomed to be rockstar arm candy, I could see the issue. But with the release of How To Destroy Angels’ eponymous EP, it appears that Mariqueen is a lot more than some old ’90s rocker’s new hawtness. She’s the singer and frontwoman now, with Trent staying in the background. Check out the highly creepy video for “The Space In Between”:

Mariqueen, front and center, Trent… bleeding out on the floor. A metaphor for their marriage, maybe?

In all seriousness, I’m impressed with it. It sounds like Nine Inch Nails humping Portishead’s back catalog, but in a good way. The group sweetens the pot by following NIN’s lead regarding creative commons, and releases the album for free ($2 if you want high quality lossless files). I’d expect song stems and tracks in Pro Tools and Ableton Live format soon as well, for all your remixing delight.

Also, this song proves that that song title has not been forever sullied by frat boy DMB associations. There’s part of me that that takes a great amount of glee in some striped-shirt khaki-wearer asking for “The Space Between” and getting a Filipina crooning about murdering people. Unsurprisingly, that’s usually the feeling I got at college frat parties as well.

"Zombie Apocalypse - So Not My Fault"

Justin Woo is a writer, spoken word artist, theatre artist, and DJ in Jersey City, NJ. He writes cranky screeds with hopes of changing the world. Also, for the lolz.
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