More Arizona Fuckery: No Birthright Citizenship for Children of Immigrants

Arizona Repubes need to quit with this bullshit targeting immigrants and people of color. First SB 1070, then a ban on ethnic studies programs in public schools. Now a state bill likely to be introduced this fall that proposes denying citizenship to children born in the United States to undocumented parents.

Fuck yeah, why stop at criminalizing grown-up immigrants, the folks who hold up our economy and Social Security system by providing needed labor and paying billions each year in taxes (but aren’t able to collect benefits)? Let’s go after the babies too!

Russell Pearce. Photo from AP

The “anchor baby bill” is the brainchild of Repube Arizona senator Russell Pearce (who was one of the main architects of SB 1070), and is supported by other conservatives who somehow think such a law would not conflict with the Constitution.

In the CNN debate below, AZ Representative John Kavanagh has the AUDACITY to queef: “If you go back to the original intent of the drafters … it was never intended to bestow citizenship upon foreign (ed: uhhh, I think he meant illegal?) aliens”.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I don’t know how Kavanagh and Pearce are able to psychically channel the intent of some dead Civil War-era policymakers and then revise Supreme Court precedent to suit their agenda (Victoria Yue at Hyphen gives a good counter-example here), but this is some un-patriotic, anti-American, un-Constitutional Booshit.

Under federal law and the 14th Amendment, children born in the US are automatically granted citizenship, regardless of their parents’ immigration status: “All persons, born or naturalized in the US — are citizens of the US. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States.”

So EAT IT Arizona Repubes! May your own children disavow their birthrights from you and flee to Canada.

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