Jamiroquai Pushes Cup Noodles

Oh, Jay Kay from Jamiroquai. Remember him, and that sliding room dance? And Ohhh….those crazy hats. That he wore everywhere. So wacky! Like the Cat in the Hat. Except Jay in the Hat. We looked! We saw him step on the mat!

And errrybody thought he was hot poop for a minute there cuz he was a British guy who could slide ‘n’ glide a lil lil. The song “Virtual Insanity” oozed out of every pore of the mid-90s — but Jamiroquai was not long for this side of the pond, and soon went off to virtual oblivion (waah waaaaah) where acid jazz one-hit wonderboys go to rest.

But apparently “Virtual Insanity”…..is Risen!!! As a Japanese-dubbed Nissin Cup Noodle commercial (translation anyone?).

That fuzzy candy raving tweaker bonnet never looked so fuckin’ tasty. He may still be dead to our ears, but Jamiroquai’s huge in Japan!

via Dlisted

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