Tony Chu, I Gots A Crush On You

…even though you are a cartoon.

Gun. Blood. Swoon.

Before you pass judgment on me (too late huh?), let me elaborate that the handsome feller above is from the engagingly written, strikingly rendered and highly addictive comic series Chew (which AZN has blogged about before here).

Chew is written and drawn by two white guys a white dude and a black/caramel guy (thx for setting me straight Rob!): John Layman and Rob Guillory. And fortunately, they were intentional about portraying Chu as a fully dimensional character instead of a big fat, bucktoothed stereotype. And in an art medium where Asian American characters are rare — especially engaging lead characters rather than sexual accessories or slanty-eyed villains, this just heightens my appreciation for the comic. And my crush on the protagonist.

Yes, back to my boyfriend Tony Chu. He’s a cibopathic, meaning when he takes a bite of something — be it an apple, meat, or…use your imagination — he knows what pesticides were used, how it died, and plenty o’ other visceral details.  Dreamy! And he’s a cop, so this sets up the story nicely for a some gloriously gory, gastronomic crime investigations. Plus he has a gun and wears those shoulder holster thingies which is hot too. And he can be a grumpy-ass, curmudgeony dude now and then — aggravated yet accepting of his gift/curse and what it requires of him.

Don’t ask me why I’m into that. Don’t ask me why I’m jockin’ a comic book. I’ve come to terms with it. And you can too — just get the second trade paperback International Flavor, due out soon. Which is what the people at the local comics store keep telling me every other day. Why must they toy with my emotions?!

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3 thoughts on “Tony Chu, I Gots A Crush On You

  1. My mistake! Thanks for the correction Rob, and for taking the time to pop by and read. Can’t wait for International Flavor…I don’t think I need to elaborate on my fandom here. But please say something inappropriate to Tony for me.


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