Donut Prince Will Save Your Relationship

We’ve all heard the oft-mentioned stat that half of US marriages end in divorce. But the million dollar question is — what’s the cure? And the $1.25 maple-glazed answer is: DONUTS!

If you have a recurring fantasy about pulling your significant other’s eyelashes out one by one while they’re asleep, take some advice from Tek and Betty, who run the Donut Prince in Burbank, CA. This couple knows a thing or two about keepin the loin tinglies alive – they’ve been glowingly married for 41 years! Here’s the Donut Prince commercial, which was featured on Lopez Tonight.

These two are awesome, right?! The behind-the-scenes clip is even better. Minus the over-the-top hipster hamminess (dude’s name is Link fer Chrissakes) from the filmmakers at the end:

Also — Betty and Tek look damn good, considering they tied the knot in 1969. Must be some kinda youth elixir in them donuts. Duly noted. Up donut intake immediately. And if your boo asks why you’ve stopped wearing pants in favor of billowy skirts and tenty dresses, and why your face is always smeared with chocolate and jelly, remind him or her that you’re doing it for the sake of the relationship, and then send their rude ass on a bearclaw run. That ingrate.

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