AzN is a Paparazzi Fiend

Its kinda ridiculous how many stars you can spot in LA if you go to the “right” places at the right time. Between seeing Charlene Yi at a random cafe and Tamilyn Tomita at The Alcove, I had my fill of Asian American celebrities. As for the rest of them… Although I can’t say I’m the biggest Mischa Barton fan, I can say I was a fan of the first 2 seasons of The OC. And I’m really sad Marissa Cooper went from the princess of Newport to parading around a parking lot on La Cienega for attention.  The following video is pretty damn stalkerish and shows a Mischa Barton that LOOKS like she’s trying to hide from the Paparazzi, but she was actually very much out in the open trying to get her picture taken. Who wasn’t? Aziz Ansari and BcB favorite Rashida Jones, who were chilling in the crowd NOT trying to be photographed. How would I know? Cause you can see the back of my head 1:30 minutes in.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And who’s that with the pink sunglasses!?


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