Friday Fuckery: Bruce is That You?

So — again, I’ve been making more trips to the comic book store by my office in the last few weeks than I care to admit (I don’t feel like being judged today). On my last visit I spotted this postcard by the cash register — which I was compelled by my DNA to pick up. On the back of the card, the image reads: “Bruce Lee.”

Wha?! Now I’m no esoteric archives expert, but that don’t look like no Bruce to me. The ‘stache, the stockier body build, um – THE FACE seem waaay off. Dear readers, can you help me out here?

Is this a case of mistaken All-Rook-Same identity, or maybe an obscure photo from “Bruce: The Chunky Years” collection? Let’s get to the bottom of this so I’ll know if I can go back to the store and act hella indignant and righteous while buying the second trade of Chew and back issues of ElfQuest. Ahem.


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