Arizona Trying to Ban Ethnic Studies Programs

Lost in the shuffle of the state’s immigration law is an AZ initiative to ban Ethnic Studies Programs in the state’s public schools. As someone that has been pulled over by state troopers in AZ for driving while Asian (remember that shit Bry Bry???) and a product of an Ethnic Studies program, I’d like to say “AAAAHHHH HELLLLL NOOOO!”. Some choice words from this article, cause the folks that run that state are doing everything short of throwing a Clan-rally:

  • Arizona’s superintendent for public instruction, Tom Horne, has saidhe’s backing the measure because ethnic-studies programs encourage “ethnic chauvinism”; he’s also suggested that such programs could breed secessionist sentiment among Hispanic students.
  • Republican state Sen. Jack Harper also voted for the bill, saying that certain Hispanic-themed ethnic-studies programs are “trying to say that somebody who came to this country illegally is somehow oppressed. That’s crazy stuff.”
  • In another controversial shift in state education policy, the Wall Street Journal has reported that the Arizona Department of Education has begun telling principals to remove teachers who speak English with an accent from classes with students who are still learning English. Some school officials are complaining that the move will remove experienced teachers from classrooms that need them. Margaret Dugan, the state’s deputy superintendent of schools, told the Journal the request is “politicizing the educational environment.” “Teachers should speak good grammar because kids pick up what they hear,” Johanna Haver, an adviser to Arizona educators, told the Journal.

I would make fun of Johanna for spelling her own name wrong and using the phrase “speak good grammar” if it didn’t make me want to shed a tear for all the people of color that have to live in Arizona and listen to their leaders spit out hateful words. I’ll be the first Californian to say you’re welcome to our state with open arms! Just head west along I-8 or I-10 away from the burning crosses and white robes.

On a side note, props to the Phoenix Suns who will be playing the San Antonio Spurs tonight while rockin “Los Suns” jerseys to protest the immigration law during the Playoff game on Cinco de Mayo. The Spurs, who are no strangers to the Latino community themselves, also wanted Los Spurs jerseys but couldn’t get them in time for the game. I know I’ll buy one if its for sale: RICHARDSON on the back and LOS SUNS on the front.

Thanks EC!


2 thoughts on “Arizona Trying to Ban Ethnic Studies Programs

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