Friday Fuckery: Treadmill Boogie

Whaa?….Aw, shit yeah!

Yo, I start going into dance convulsions whenever I hear Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” too. I just wish I had the skills to effortlessly bust it while on a treadmill like this chick. She got tha funk — and makes it look more fun than one should ever expect to have in those vaults of torture known as gyms. I can barely get on one of those consarned contraptions without cracking my skull open from either boredom or lack of coordination.

Go ‘head, girl! Haters gon’ hate — don’t let the side eye from the boring sloths adjacent throw you off your work (it) out game. They’re just jealous of your boogie. I’d love to see what she can do with The Vengaboys.

via Buzzfeed


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