Joe Metro Bus Brawl!

Hey Bay Area Muni, New York MTA — you don’t have a monopoly over crazy ass people on public transport!
Seattle’s got a fightin’ chance here, with the added bonus of some terrifying hicks in Seahawks gear. Go Hawks!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Seriously, riding the 48 Metro to school back in the day smelled like a garbage pile wrapped in a hot McDonald’s fart with a heapin’ side of B.O. And lifting my feet to avoid the oncoming stream of urine from the back of the bus was an almost weekly occurrence on the 16 route. The chief public safety rule, in order to prevent harm to your person or the advances of your friendly neighborhood sex offender, was to avoid all eye contact or any acknowledgment of your surroundings. And dude who haplessly walked into the eye of the FTW vortex seems to be a seasoned pro.

Wow, this is actually making me a lil’ misty-eyed with nostalgia for ol’ Joe Metro. Truth. And this just helps support my theory that Starbucks is really the root of all evil.

via Buzzfeed


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