Friday Fuckery: Pass the Dutchie (Japon Style)

Happs Frids!

From the land of the rising sun comes this amazing game show with no real winners. My first thought is: hilarious. Second thought? Turtles carry salmonella! Think about this while you watch:

via cbruhs by way of Buzzfeed.


One thought on “Friday Fuckery: Pass the Dutchie (Japon Style)

  1. Hilarious, the red team was all up on each others nuts practically frenching!!! I wish my japanese was better so I knew what they were playing for… usually it’s something silly like 5000 yen (give or take 50 US). They would really have to up the ante to get me to put live diseased animals in my mouth.
    Your Blog is so funny, I am turning all my friends onto it. Thanks for the laugh, –Mina.


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