Apple Ends Lives.

Sure, an Apple engineer stupid enough to lose an iPhone 4.0 prototype at a Redwood City bar got his ass handed to him last week (who the F even kicks it in that town, really?). The talk was everywhere. NY Times. WSJ. UK Times. This Apple engineer pretty much ruined Apple’s summer by unveiling the iPhone at a random RDub City bar instead of allowing S-Jobs to drop the phone this summer with a “one more thing” moment at Moscone. Yes, he did. But did he run over to the Golden Gate Bridge and nosedive off? Did he commit Seppuku in front of the pagoda in Jtown? Drown himself in Lake Merritt? No, of course not. So what happened to a young women at the Foxconn factory that manufactures Apple products after she lost a prototype? SUICIDE. Isolated incident for the big ass electronics manufacturing plant with dormitories and dining commons? No. FOUR ATTEMPTED SUICIDES IN THE LAST 4 WEEKS. This can’t be a coincidence. There’s something going on. The pressure of releasing these babies, under a shroud of secrecy, in mass quantities at cheap pricing points is doing something to the human labor that actually churns things devices out. Maybe I’ll just wait until there’s not a huge demand for the iPad before I buy one…


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