Census Phase II: Fill In Our Future!

Just because Census Day (April 1st) has passed, doesn’t mean it’s too late to be counted, or that our work here is done! Census 2010 has entered into the next phase — non-response follow-up — in which Census workers go door-to-door to collect info from folks who didn’t mail in their forms (or perhaps never received one).

You can also call 1‐866‐872‐6868 and complete the form over the phone, or request a replacement form to be sent in the mail. Be Counted replacement census forms are available at various community locations  in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Russian (Be Counted Sites and Questionnaire Assistance Centers map here). 10 short questions that are completely confidential — and vital to the representation and health of our communties.

The national coalition of AAPI organizations promoting the Census is also working to sustain momentum for its “Fill In Our Future” Campaign, to ensure everyone is included. You can check out the TAKE 10 MAP to see how your hometown is doing in participation rates. Is your region one of the top 50 that hasn’t turned in their 2010 Census forms? Census 2010 battle — Go!


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